The three papers from different publications presented below are substantial pieces of work that represent the results of the Granton Institute of Technology during the past 10 years. The outcome of the research has provided new impetus for inquiries into the origin of the continents and the modern ocean.

These papers are products of independent research projects. At the same time, some theses stated in the paper The impact at the Paleozoic-Mesozoic boundary undoubtedly help to create a better understanding of the processes in the lithosphere during Plio-Quaternary galciation, as well as the current impact of global warming on the lithosphere.

The article titled The correlation between powerful earthquakes and the ocean floor isochrons originated in the version of the Geological map of the ocean floor that was originally constructed at the Granton Institute. Without the map, which was developed to achieve a better understanding of some geoprocesses described in the first article, the article regarding the correlation would not have been written.

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The impact at the Paleozoic-Mesozoic Boundary

Effect of Plio-Quaternary glaciation... on the lithosphere

Correlation between powerful earthquakes and... ocean floor isochrones

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